Rapid Kits for converting bicycles to e-bikes.


Rapid S kits are mounted on the rear wheel - they differ from each other with the controller and the engine. The other elements of the set (display, handle, brake handles / braking sensor, wires, PAS sensor) are identical. Rapid MID is central kit and have a different design.



o     The assembly is non-invasive and reversible - you can disassemble the kit and mount it on another bike.

o     Rapid kits are characterized by high power - up to 10x more than ready-made electric bikes.

o     Each kit has the ability to quickly enable or disable the speed and power limit.

o     If the battery runs out, the engine does not resist while driving and you can move like an ordinary bicycle.


The MID250, S-1100, S1100 SL and S-2100kits are universal for most users. The S-2100 F kit is designed for FatBikes. The S-3000 kit is designed for stronger frames and because of its high power we recommend it mainly to advanced users. The battery, charger and Rapid bag are not included.


To the Rapid conversion kit you will also need:


o    battery with charger (the greater the battery capacity (Ah) - the greater the range; the greater the charging current of the charger (A) - the faster you charge the battery)

o    battery and controller bags (when you choose a battery in a heat shrink)


We provide a 24-month warranty for Rapid kits, and a 36-month warranty for engines.



Which conversion kit should I choose?


o     If you don't know which kit to choose, buy the Rapid S-2100 - it is the most versatile.

o     If you are looking for a lighter solution and weigh less than 95 kg, choose the Rapid S-1100.

o     If you are looking for a stronger experience and you have a strong frame, which you can stretch harder and you have very good brakes, choose S-3000 (note: due to its high power, we recommend this kit only to experienced users).

o    If you do not have a rear wheel mounting, or you are looking for a 250W rated engine and you do not need to accelerate, choose the MID250 cental kit.




The distance depends on the battery capacity. If you care about overcoming the greatest distances, choose between MID250, S-1100, S1100SL or S-2100.




The maximum speed of the kits is similar - about 50-60 km/h (depending on the weight of the rider, the size of the wheel, the width of the tires, etc.).




The engines from the MID250 and S-1100 kits are gear engines (slightly smaller in size and weight), but generate a characteristic sound at work. The engines from the S-2100 and S-3000kits are brushless and gearless, which makes them silent.




The prices of the complete S-1100 set with a 2A charger and 11.6 Ah battery start from approx. PLN 3300.


Rapid Kit includes: 

(if you choose the mechanical brakes when ordering, you will get 2 levers instead of a magnetic braking sensor)


Comparison of Rapid Kits

Rapid Kit MID250 S1100 S1100SL S2100 S2100F S3000
Power 250W 1kW 1kW 2kW 2kW 3kW
Max Speed
(It depends on many factors)
40 km/h 50 km/h 50 km/h 50 km/h 45 km/h 55 km/h
Drive type Central Rear wheel Rear wheel Rear wheel Rear wheel Rear wheel
Rapid Engine MID250 M1000 M1000SL M2000 M2000F M3000
Engine weight 3,9 kg 6,1 kg 3,9 kg 6,5 kg 7,3 kg 9 kg
Rapid Controller MID250 C1100 C1100 C2100 C2100 C3000
Controller housing inside the engine in battery
in battery
case on frame case on frame Standard
Price 2190 1990 2190 2390 2690 2990


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